miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

ce poate fi mai simplu si mai frumos?

de exemplu aceste versuri

I am a lone wolf
a beauty and a beast
both hunter and hunted
soft tounge and sharp teeth
I´m toned from my travels
yet raw from this road
as I drink from storm puddles
and the stories I´m told

Help me figure this out
help me figure you in
you´re a shadow to me
that I echo when I sing
Help me figure this out
help me figure you in
To this simple little melody

I have seen angels
they were sleeping in gutters
they were standing in bank lines
they were jumping from towers
they were calling like seagulls
but nobody heard
such a beautiful message
from such a common bird

We want freedom for ourselves
but we can´t give it to each other
We want peace between nations
yet we battle with our lovers
we´re blinded by billboards
and trying to get ahead
choking on ambition
and the words left unsaid

ale acestei melodii

marți, 13 aprilie 2010

status prea lung pentru facebook

Va anunt cu vadita emotie noua mea pasiune: Julio Medem. O bucatica din mintea lui este sagetata permanent cu idei stralucite si impreuna cu o bucatica de suflet le deschide si le pune cap la cap. Ceea ce iese pe mine pur si simplu ma uimeste. Din punctul meu de vedere, filmele lui merita vazute. Pentru ca numai asa pot fi revazute. De o infinitate de ori... si de fiecare data sunt altfel. Ma convinsese de asta Caotica Ana, insa Los amantes del Circulo Polar mi-a intregit imaginea in legatura cu omul asta superb. Atat.

luni, 12 aprilie 2010

playground from scrat(ch)

On a peaceful sunny day...

...it all began...

The road ahead was treacherous and hard. When suddenly...

...they spotted me!

So I ran for my life! Or it was for my nut's safety... Either way, my one and only thought was: "Don't drop it! Don't drop it!"

My head was spinning, my heart mingled with mixed emotions... Boy, was that a ride...

I was starting to go nuts.

But soon enough I saw the end of my journey...

duminică, 11 aprilie 2010

marți, 6 aprilie 2010